October 25, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past.

I've already blogged to you about the following event a bit, but I'm gonna do it again anyway, just to make a point.

You know, I don't really get involved in politics at all, but I want to talk to you about something. The following event took place in New York City, in the 90's. It was at a bar called The Bowery Bar, in lower Manhattan. The Ford Modeling Agency was having their annual holiday party. I was sitting at a big table with a bunch of models I work with. All of a sudden some person starts trying to squeeze in on my conversation. He was being real pushy so I introduce him to my left arm. I look up and it was Donald Trump. He didn't seem to be very pleased. Then I felt a presence behind me. I turned around and it was the world's largest man standing right behind me. The guy looked like a defensive lineman for the New York Giants. The guy was HUGE. Anyway, this guy decided to help me with my chair. He pulled it out a little so I could go, "Refresh my drink." I got the message and left. As I was walking away, I thought to myself, "Well, this is probably how he deals with things all the time." Then I thought, "Wow, what a bully." Then I thought, "What a dick!" I went and got a beer at the bar and took my conversation somewhere else.

Need I say more? And this is the type of person that some of you want to elect to be our president? I see a long trip to New Zealand in my future if you guys go ahead and elect him. Anyway, that's it for now. I'll get off of my soap box now.

This is B. Nice signing off. Check out my other blog where I talk about the present. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice