October 10, 2016

lti_305601_7848-6 Let's call this blog, Angels.

Now, I classify angels as Dark Angels and Light Angels. Dark Angels have their own issues. Light Angels seem to have their act together. Bottom line is, they have one thing in common. They have a heart of gold and they are there to help you. Help you with no strings attached, no hidden agenda, no drama. Going through this traumatic brain injury, I've seen a lot of angels, let me tell you. Especially, when you're in hospital on all those drugs they give you. I mean it's crazy! I thought my daughter was on top of the TV set. I actually made my cousin go and take her down from the TV. That stuff is strong, let me tell you.

I just wanted to share with you something about the past. You know, being a fashion photographer, I had to do two catalogues a month and one editorial or a test, just to make ends meet. I built a house in the Hamptons, by the ocean, to use as a location. It was all working good until my injury. I wanted to tell you this because I used to surf right in front of my house. One day I was surfing and a huge wave came knocking me onto the rock. I was unconscious, sinking to the bottom of the sea. There was a voice in my head that said, "Wake up. You're a Dad. And you can't leave your daughter alone." So I made it out of the ocean by climbing my leash to the surface, got onto my surfboard, and washed onto the shore. So you see, my daughter was a light angel. Pretty cool huh? And you know what? She wasn't even born yet.

This is B. Nice signing off. And check out my other blog where I talk about the present.

Love, B. Nice