September 21, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where talk about the past.

I have no idea what I'm gonna talk about. I just thought something would come to my mind, but I'm drawing a blank. Actually, I'm talking to my friend here. I said, what should I talk about? And she started sneezing. That reminded me, I used to get allergies really bad. One time I was doing a photo shoot. The model was back lit, you know, the sun behind her. I could see tons of pollen in the air. I realized, I'm allergic to pollen. It made me start sneezing. I couldn't stop. It was an endless achoo, achooo. Needless to say, we stopped early that day.

I'm drawing a blank right now, of stories from the past. So I'll leave you with a couple of pictures. I hope you have a good week. Miss you guys. Talk to you soon. Love, B. Nice

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