November 8, 2016


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past. It's election day today. I'm gonna tell you a story about the past, something I already blogged about recently, but I think it's appropriate for today.

In the 90's I was at a bar in lower Manhattan. The bar was called The Bowery Bar. I was there for a Ford Model Party. They have their annual holiday party at places like this. Anyway, I was sitting at a table talking to a bunch of models I work with, when all of a sudden I felt someone trying to squeeze in on my conversation. I mean, really squeeze in. They were being really rude and pushy. Well, I let this person know I wasn't happy and I used my left elbow. Well, let's just say, I used my left elbow forcefully. All I felt was whale blubber. I look over, and lo and behold, it's Donald Trump. He didn't seem to be too happy. Anyway, I also felt a presence behind me. I turned around and it was the world's largest man. He adjusted my chair. I got the message. He meant for me to get out of my chair, and I did. I went up and got a beer. I remember thinking, wow, this is how this guy must operate. And then I thought, wow, what a bully. Then I thought, wow, what a dick! My friend here says, I bet the women were unhappy you left. I actually feel kind of sorry for the Donald cause those women are pretty tough. They know when to smile and they know when to tell a dick to piss off.