July 29, 2014

Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I'm gonna dedicate this to my coach in college. The guy almost killed me with his workouts, but he, in a way, saved me as well. Because of his training I'm here today to talk with you. Speaking of almost dying, let's talk about me in the early '80's. I was an assistant photographer in Florida. I was in my hotel room watching TV when I looked up and I saw a garbage can fly by. I thought to myself, OK, that's weird. It was weird cause I was on the 12th floor. I then realized we were in a major hurricane. So I called the other assistant and we did what any young adult would do in a hurricane. We went to the bar. Well, obviously the shoot we were on got cancelled so we flew back to New York. When the weather was better we flew back to Florida to do the shoot. But you know what? The hurricane did a loop di loop and came right back towards us. It was like the first time in the history of recorded weather that a hurricane ever did this. The shoot got cancelled again and we went back to New York. No flying garbage cans this time though. The next event took place in California. I was a photographer out looking for places to shoot. I was with the producer, the client and one of my assistants. When we were heading back to the hotel I looked up to see one of my assistants was sprinting across a field. Right behind him was a huge bull chasing him. Apparently he walked out into the field to do a portrait of the bull. He had a camera, a tripod and a flash unit with him. Well, he approached the bull, set everything up, set the strobe unit up, you know with the umbrella and everything. The bull was curious. He just stared at him. Well, when the assistant took the picture of the bull, the strobe in it freaked the bull out. It went off and he got really pissed off and started chasing my assistant across the field. Well, my assistant threw all the equipment over the fence and dove through the fence. Now mind you I'm watching this whole thing, and I'm thinking, "Wait a minute, that's my stuff." Never a dull moment, I'll tell you. We had the stuff checked out and it was OK. He never did tell me he got a good shot of the bull. He probably got a shot of his own feet running.

I'm just gonna have my friend here pick out a journal. You see I kept my journals, my diaries in cartoon form.

You know, my life was crazy. I remember at one point I had an agent in New York, Paris, London, Australia, Germany, Milan. I was running all over the place working. Anyway, I'll include a cartoon to give you an idea of how I felt. Don't forget to check out my other blog and you can always check out my website www.briannice.com. Have a good week. Love you. Talk to you soon, B. Nice