August 5, 2014


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past. You know, I was on my back for so long, I used to think about things that happened in the past.

You know, one of the most difficult transitions to make is from Photo Assistant to Photographer, and Photographer to Drag Queen - NO! I'm just kidding. From Photographer to whatever else you want to do in life. You know, the midlife crisis thing. Anyway, I remember I left New York City as a Photo Assistant and arrived in Australia as a Photographer. You see, I never looked back. I just pursued life as a photographer. It was difficult at first, but I finally got a break. I started shooting on my own. Life was pretty crazy, but the cool thing about Australia is I went to places you would never normally go to. You see, the magazines often made a deal with the airlines and hotels to get tickets and lodging in exchange for advertising in the magazine. It was often low budget stuff. For example, I had to do a shoot in Mexico. You would think it would be easy, but it took me like 3 days to get there. I had to fly from Sydney to Hawaii, long wait, and then from Hawaii to L.A. Another long wait. And then L.A. to Dallas. Overnight stay in Dallas, and then Dallas to Mexico City. A real long wait. And then Mexico City to Oaxaca. See what I mean?

Oftentimes the country you were going to would require you to go to a meeting at their embassy. For example, I had to do a shoot in New Guinea. The New Guinea embassy wanted me to come over for a meeting. I thought it was a little over the top, but after I met with them, I saw what they were talking about. They wanted to see what I was going to do. They showed me an example of what they didn't want me to do. Apparently a German magazine went to New Guinea to do a soft porn shoot. They showed me the tear sheet. There were some topless girls in a black cauldron, and there was a local native stirring the cauldron, and in the background there were some guys waiting with forks. And another shot there were some naked girls running through a grass field with some guys chasing the girls with spears. I assured them my work was not like that. They were just being safe. I got the picture. Anyway, I'll tell you about that shoot later. It was quite the adventure.

Speaking of adventures, I'm gonna stop right here because I'm here with my friend and we're going to plan our next adventure. Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice

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