Chapter 38 - February 17, 2012

Man, this is hard work.  There's no question about that.  This is the hardest thing I've ever done, and I've done a lot in my life.  I remember one day, I ran the 1500 meter race.  I ran the best time of my life.  It was Olympic material.  It was a good time, but I got third!  The guys that finished one and two were talking to their girlfriends.  I was puking my guts out.  I knew then they would go on to be great athletes.  I would be a simple division 3 runner.  What I'm going through now is kind of like what I imagine the Olympic athlete would go through.  I get up in the morning, and start my training until I go to sleep.  It's monotonous and it's been three years already.  But there's no other choice.  I have to keep pushing.  It's kind of like the way our country is.  To get better, we all have to put in hard work, sacrifice and conservation.  We have to get better and look after each other.

I'm sorry, I had a bit of a brain freeze.  I couldn't remember what I was going to say.  Your mind tends to slip at this stage.  Maybe it's from my 2 major brain surgeries or maybe because I'm 51.  Who knows.  Either way, it's kind of scary.  I can't seem to remember somethings.  They eventually come to me.  What do you call it?  A senior moment?  Anyway, just an observation.

I've been busy putting together my trip.  I'm going to re-trace my footsteps across America.  In 1979, I was part of a team that ran across America.  I'm going to go back photographing landscapes as I see them.  I'm going to do what I love, and I love taking photographs.  I'll share with you how I see the world right now.  It's pretty far out.

That's all for now.  Just a quick update.  I'll talk to you guys later.  Love, B. Nice