Chapter 24 – October 17, 2011

Here’s a profound thought of the week: It’s borrowed from a friend. I was skyping with
him the other day and he said this: Life is like a crystal glass you drop upon the floor.
You can glue it together but it will never be the same. I thought that was a good analogy
to how things are with me right now. I reminded him, if you put it back together it will
never be the same again, but it will still work. You see, nothing is the same. Everything
changes. I’ve yet to figure out why this happened to me, but what I realize is, I’ll see it
as a good life lesson. Anyway, that’s my profound thought of the week.

I have to keep reminding myself of the words my neurologist always quoted. He said,
have patience. Man, I’m chomping at the bit right now. It’s tough to be patient. I just
want to get better. I’m stuck here at my parent’s house and just to get out in a car makes
my day. It does help to have friends stop by. And it does help to have people bring
you food. It’s amazing how little things can brighten your day. The other day a woman
friend of mine donated some money towards getting a machine for me to get better.
That’s cool. My mom ordered the machine today. She even got about 20% off. It all
fell into place. The machine is called A New Step. It’s kind of like a recumbent bike. It
helps a lot with walking. I strongly advise you have someone at least 2 people to help
you. That’s what I’ll do.

There will come a time when you have to balance your life and therapy. For example,
my father had an opening of a show. He’s an artist. It was a good show. I went, but it
really made me super tired. Just something small like that will wipe you out. But it’s
good. You see, life becomes therapy. I think I’ll end on that. Life is therapy.

I’ll talk to you guys next week. B. Nice