May 12, 2015


Hi you guys. Hey, I forgot to add something to my last blog. I was talking about Mother's Day, right? I think I talked about this before, but I had four big seizures. Four in a row. I almost didn't make it, but they were loading me into the back of the ambulance. Now I don't know if you guys have ever experienced this before, but it was pretty wild. I was standing behind a tree looking at myself being loaded on to the ambulance. Then I saw the ambulance driver then I saw myself in the ambulance with my mother leaning over and the ambulance driver was closing the door. I had no emotions. I was concerned as she seemed really worried. Next thing you know, I saw him closing the ambulance doors and I woke up in the ER. Pretty wild right? A total out of body experience. Now do you chalk that up to a good imagination? Who knows. The point I'm trying to make is, I stuck around because my mother was there holding my hand. So, you see, it helps having someone around when you're in a coma or near death. You might not be conscious, but take it from me, it helps having someone there.

That's all I'm gonna say this week. I just thought I'd bring that up. Have a good week. Love you, B. Nice