May 8, 2015 - Mother's Day Weekend


Hi everybody. So check it out. This weekend is Mother's Day. I was gonna dedicate this blog to my mother, but I'm gonna talk about her for the entire blog. She's a freaking Super Mom. There should be a cape in her closet. I'll explain why she is a Super Mom.

My journey started on August 18th, 2009. I had a brain bleed, right? So, my mom greeted me at the hospital and ever since then she's been by my side. When I was in the critical care unit, she would exercise my legs. Basically, she's been my point person since then. The doctor's card was handed over to her, and ever since then, she's been taking care of me. Now she feeds me, cleans up after me, does my dental, combs my hair. Even though I look like a Yugoslavian used car salesman, I appreciate it. She drives me everywhere. Her driving, oh my god, I definitely work on my core strength when she's driving. She takes those high speed turns so fast it separates my white blood cells from the red. My mom dresses me. She hand feeds me. You get the picture. I mean, she has to take care of me all the time, like my medical bills, my legal bills. She cooks for me. She does my physical therapy for me and with me. She does my occupational therapy for me and with me. She's my photo assistant. She does everything. Thank God she took me in. I remember when she agreed to take me in. I remember saying to her, "This is going to be tough for you. It's gonna be a lot of work. Are you sure you're up for it?" And she said, "Yes." So, Happy Mother's Day Mom. See what I mean? She's a Super Mom. And Happy Mother's Day for all you Mothers out there.

Love, B. Nice

Here's the link to the where I talk about the past.