May 16, 2015

 heart flower

Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present. Now this blog might contain some foul language, so I'm warning you, but I feel it's necessary to make a point.

Oh, I'm doing some drawing. Check it out. It's evolved, but I'm going to get back to what I was saying.

You know those phones you have called smart phones? Well, I think I mentioned this before but they turn into stupid fucking phones when you use them and drive. So do us all a favor and put down the stupid fucking phones while you drive. I'm just saying this because you should see what I saw. I was in the rehab hospital for almost a year (if you add it all up). I've said this over and over, but you'd say it over and over if you saw what I saw. That's it. That's all I'm gonna say. Have a good week you guys. Talk to you later. Love, B. Nice

Oh yeah, here's my link to the blog about the past.