October 24, 2014


Hi everybody. Man, I'm having a bad day today. You know, you have ups and downs. Today I feel really irritated, but we won't go into it.

The cool thing I did was I went up to Rochester NY to see my coach. It was my 35th anniversary of my run across America. That, and my coach was being inducted into the RIT Hall of Fame. It was a great day. But I drove 7 hours to get up there, then, well, met my teammates at a place, how can I say, that was not the best place for me. You see, there's 5 things that will trigger a seizure for me: low light with high lights, lots of noise, busy patterns, and stress. So what did my friends do? They brought me to a bar. But, you know what? I dealt with it pretty good. No seizure. My friend here said, "You're cured!" I wish. I spent the next day at the induction of my coach and then drove 7 hours back. Actually, I didn't drive. My mom drove. The whole thing's kind of ironic because about a month before, the doctors cut my coaches leg off due to an infection. Imagine, a runner with just one leg. He took it all in good stride (no pun intended). Actually, he looks better because his complexion looks better. It probably saved his life having the amputation.

You know, I mentioned that my mom drove me up there. She's been a great help. You know, one reason why I'm getting better faster is becuas of my mother. I think when you are like this, you know, traumatic brain injury, you really need a wing-man like my mother. Your really need someone to help you out. I guess it could apply to any serious illness, but you definitely need an advocate to help you. Otherwise, game over, as my doctor would say. My doctor said to me if all this happened in my 70's, it would be game over. Lucky me, my friend says, and I agree. See all this takes time. You'll get out of it what you put into it. You can't just sit around. Believe me. I guess that's why I'm irritated today, because I haven't really been working. I've been recovering from my mini trip. It's either that or my reaction to try to build a fire. I almost became the fire.

I'm gonna leave it at that and include some photos I've been doing. Hope you guys all have a good week and remember how lucky you are.

P.S. Here's a link to my blog about the past.