October 31, 2014


Hi you guys! It's Halloween. October 31st. Boo.

Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present and the future. You know, I was looking at my previous blog and I talked about my road trip to Rochester. Along the way, I wanted to do pictures. It was beautiful. All the leaves were turning. It was peak season of Fall foliage. But, you know because of my condition I can't exactly grab a camera and start shooting. My camera wasn't set up and well, it's difficult to hold my camera. And then it got me thinking, well, I'll just be in the moment and enjoy it. So many of us nowadays feel the need to photograph anything that catches our eye. We no longer just enjoy the moment. We feel the need to photograph it. So this whole thing that's happening to me has forced me to just be in the moment and enjoy what's going on around me. In a way, it's kind of cool, and it takes the pressure off of me as well. I still remember the beautiful moments plus I don't drink anymore so I won't forget them.

The other thing that is cool was that I went to my neurosurgeon's speech. He gave a lecture to about 2000 teachers and doctors. He wanted me to be there because he was showing part of the documentary I did with Adam Hall and Erin Hall. They took pieces of the film we made and he talked about some other things too. It was pretty cool, but it took a lot out of me. I'm still feeling yesterday, you know, the day it happened. I swear New York City has gotten busier than before and the energy there is crazy.

OK, so check this out: The Dalai Lama came to New York City. He went to Time Square. He looked at the signage, the people and felt the energy. He then saw a hot dog stand. You know, a typical hot dog stand with the umbrella and the steam. He went over. The owner of the hot dog stand said, "How can I help you?" The Dalai Lama thought about what the owner said. The Dalai Lama bowed his head and said, "Make me One with everything." That's my joke for the day, and by the way, it's a true story. Just kidding.

You know, I'm gonna finish up this part of my blog because I'm super tired from yesterday. I've been having more and more what I call moments. They seem to happen when I'm tired and stressed out. I'll include a couple of photos of what I've been shooting. Hope you have a good week and don't forget, Boo.

Love, B. Nice

Oh, here's the link to the blog where I talk about the past.