October 17, 2014


Fits of rage. Now that I've got your attention, my medicine said that one of the side effects is "Fits of Rage." Well, after a few fits of rage I decided maybe I should switch medicine. At least I think it was the medicine. Anyway, I'm off the medicine that causes the fits of rage and I'm on some other stuff. It's better. The other thing I did was I put all my strenuous workouts in the morning. It seems to prevent small seizures. I do anything like the bike workout or weight strength building through weights in the morning. It seems to help a a lot. Then I do stuff like painting in the afternoon. Remember, I work out from sunrise to sunset. When you're like this, it's like going to work, you know. Life becomes therapy. My friend here said, "It's a good thing the days are getting shorter," and I agreed!

The other thing I've been doing is working on my photography book. I've been working on images from my trip coast to coast. I could only stare at the computer for about 2 hours. It seems the computer seems to trigger a small seizure. I guess it might be the flickering of the screen. I don't know. Above I mentioned small seizures. Mini seizures. I call them moments and you know, I tend to try and meditate when they come on. I always think about surfing. Something else might work for you. Religion, friendship, a dog, another sport. I don't know, but I prefer thinking about something than medication. It's weird but I think about one specific wave I caught in the fall. I re-play the ride of my life, over and over. It was a great ride. It was a wave from a hurricane swell. Hard to describe unless you're a surfer but it was unreal, like riding a mountain.

Anyway, I'm gonna end it here. You can visit my other blog where I talk about the past. My friend here will include the link. Have a good week. Oh yeah, here are some current pictures I've been doing.

Love, B. Nice