October 10, 2014


Hi everybody. You know, I want to say thank you to my friend who's sitting in front of me because there's no way I could do this myself. She's typing for me. I mean I'm messed up. I can hardly hold a towel. But I am improving. There's no doubt, but it is slow, I'll tell you. I set a goal to be walking by 2016. You see, that's when I'm going to take a trans-Atlantic ship to London. LIke I said before, it's good to set goals. I've been having a therapist, a physical therapist come once a week. I get on the floor and stretch out. We practice things like sitting up and learning how to crawl. Believe me, it's tough. You know, I'm used to doing things like marathons and surfing big waves. You know, stuff like that. But that's nothing compared to this physical therapy. You gotta really tough it out. It's not easy but the reward is worth it. You gotta just keep working hard. Remember, it's your job. I've been doing things more like water therapy. It's so important, although my mother scares the shit out of me. When I go underwater I can just hear her laughing. Its a bit unnerving but it's all worth it. You know what's a drag, I've been having more and more mini-what I call moments. I guess they're mini seizures. I seem to have them at the end of the day when I'm tired. I've mention before that I'm on anti seizure medicine so it seems to work. It keeps the mini moments from turning into a big seizure. I wanted to mention something. It's kind of a flashback. I remember I had what I would call an out of body experience. I was standing behind the ambulance watching myself get loaded in. Then I saw my mother over me in the back of the ambulance and the driver of the ambulance shutting the door. Then it ended. It was bizarre. There was no feeling. No emotion. It was just an observation. That got me thinking. Did I really have an out of body experience? or is my imagination really good coupled with lack of oxygen to the brain. I don't know, but I know that having my mother hold my hand brought me back to my body, so it's good to have someone there holding your hand. That is, if you want to come back. Just thought I'd mention that. Anyway, I'm gonna keep it short this week because my little one is gonna be here tonight and I gotta stay rested. When I do these blogs it really tires me out. It'll be great to see her. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice

Oh yeah! I'll include some new photos I've been doing. My friend here said, "Nude photos?!" and I said no NEW photos. Believe me, you wouldn't want to see me nude any time soon.