June 17, 2014

10-8_4-14 I think every traumatic brain injury recovery patient should be assigned a 7 year old. Oh man! I'm wiped out! My daughter came to visit me over Father's Day weekend. She's going to be here for two weeks and I'm already wiped out. But it's great to hang out with her. Man, she grew up a lot since I saw her last. I saw her last about 3 months ago and it's great to see her.

The other thing that I've been doing since I spoke to you last is that I increased my vimpaz. It's basically a drug that stops seizures. I was having a lot of what I call "moments." They are like mini seizures. Anyway, the new increase keeps these "moments" at bey. The increase wasn't much. I'm still close to the lowest dosage so I've got lots of wiggle room if they want to increase my dosage or decrease it.

You know, since my daughter is here, I'm gonna keep this short cause I've got to get off the ceiling right now. Just kidding. No, I want to spend as much time with her as I can. I only see her for a short period.

I'll include some photos and my link to the past. Hope you have a good week. I'm gonna go do some finger painting now. Talk to you later. Love, B. Nice