June 10, 2014


So welcome to the blog about the present. And at the present, I'm still getting over my visit to one of my neurologists. I was told to bring in my current MRI. My neurologist loaded up the MRI and Voila! I found out I have a brain. And I also have some pretty major damage. Therefore I have brain damage, or traumatic brain injury. I'm pretty lucky though, as she pointed out, if my bleed was just a little different, I would have no heart control, no breathing, none of all that stuff that keeps you alive. So I'm pretty lucky even though I'm messed up. I asked her if the brain can repair itself and she kind of looked like a deer in the headlights. She said, "Just keep working hard." And I will. You know, they make their best educated guess (doctors). I feel it's really up to you to keep working hard and stay positive. I told the doctor I was thankful there are no squirrels in my head and she just looked at me blankly.

A cool thing that happened this week was I got to try bike riding. It's a giant mountain bike that looks like a tricycle. It came with a giant rattle and a milk bottle, and a white hat with a bow tie. Just kidding about the last three things, but the bike was pretty cool. It did take a therapist to go along with me, but I did manage to go around a three-mile lake. It felt great. It felt like I had a little freedom. Although the therapist kept screaming at me, "Stay to the right! Stay to the right!" I kept yelling at her, "Why are you screaming Stay to the right?" and she said, "Stop. I keep telling you to go to the right because if you keep going to the left like you do, you're going to end up in the lake and that's not a good thing." So I guess it was good incentive to stay to the right. Anyway, it was overall a great experience. I'm thinking of getting a mountain trike for myself. The hospital said I could get a grant to pay for the trike. Very cool.

Oh yeah, I found out this week there's one thing worse than having diarrhea when you're like this, and that's having a freaking mosquito by your bed when you're like this. I punched my face. I slapped my neck. I punched myself in the balls. I almost took out a few pictures. My legs fell out of bed. It was a mess. All because of one mosquito. Anyway, now that I think about it, I should buy a fly swatter.

My eyes are getting better. There is less shaking and my eyes seem to be registering more and more. Like I don't see cross-eyed as much as I used to. It's a relief. It feels like it's getting better. My friend here said, "There's proof right there. You're getting better." It's true I am getting better. I just wanted more positive feedback from the doctor. We can't always get what we want, right?

I'm gonna include some pictures from my road trip. I drove across America with my friends. I wanted to show people you can still do what you love even though you're messed up. Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice



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