June 27, 2014


Hi everyone. Let's dedicate this blog to my friend who's going through some pretty heavy stuff. She has a good sense of humor, so with her sarcasm I'm sure she'll do good. And let's call this blog "Three of Five." My daughter's here and I got three of five wishes correct. You see, when I was in hospital going through my heavy stuff I wished I was at the beach with my daughter in Montauk walking with her. Let's see, being in Montauk, walking with my daughter, oh yeah, and my dog. That's four, the fifth wish I can't remember. Well, maybe I'll wish I could remember it. Anyway, I got to be with my daughter at Montauk at the beach. Although they had to get me on the beach in the wheelchair, and my dog is dead. So, I'll take what I can get. It was a great weekend. I'll tell you though, when you have traumatic brain injury and you're met with a seven year old, it's like putting a nuclear reactor on a tug boat. But it was great to have her here. She leaves day after tomorrow. I survived the Lion King, a high school graduation, a fashion show, dinner at a very crowded Mexican restaurant with a table of secretaries next to us. And to finish it all - tomorrow we go fishing. I don't think we could squeeze anything more in.

I would like to say I found out that with traumatic brain injury and being in the sun, I got really wiped out. It seems when you have traumatic brain injury anything that attacks the senses, like the sun, it really affects you. Just being in the sun for 15 minutes really got to me. Just an observation. So if you have traumatic brain injury like me, be careful. Oh yeah, and if you have a seven year old that has enough energy to run the planet, be careful.

I'll tell you, that wheelchair that gets you on the beach, that's something else. That was great. You know, it's been a while since I've been on the beach in Montauk. Remember, after my first operation I went out to Montauk and my crazy surfer friends put me on a board and took me out to the line up with no life jacket on. I should have changed my name to Bob. It was crazy. I avoided them on this trip. Just a side note there. I went off on a bit of a tangent. That wheelchair that goes on the beach is amazing. I highly recommend it. You just have to make arrangements with the lifeguard when you go to the beach. They will help you out. It's pretty cool. It was a great day. I got to see my daughter play in sand. And my nephews were there with my niece. My daughter got to play with them in the waves. It was a quick turn around, but a lot of fun.

Back in the day, you know, before my brain bleed, I was an avid windsurfer. When you wipe out at the speeds we used to go at, man, it really hurt. Imagine this, imagine you're on a speedboat fast enough to pull a water skier. Now imagine someone puts you on a windsurfer. Straps you in, and then throws you overboard. Man, it hurts. I'll tell you. Anyway, I went past the house I built and that hurt about as much. You know, I'm more alert now, and more awake and when I saw my house I got pissed off. I really made that place. Most people don't realize how much work I put into that place. It's not like I gave a builder some money and said, "Build me a house." I got all the permits. I designed it. I oversaw the construction with a construction manager I hired. I was there pretty much every day they were building the house. I was pretty involved. So, to see it in someone else's hands really pisses me off. But, we won't go there. I'll practice what I preach and just let it go. Or, like my friend says, suck it up. I really missed it though, this past week when I was out in Montauk.

You know, I'm pretty wiped out so I'm gonna end it there. I'll include some photos from my trip across America. I'm here with my friend planning my next trip. I'm gonna go in the corner and collapse now. Have a good weekend. Love, B. Nice

I forgot, here's a link to my blog about the past.