February 9, 2016


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about my past. The blog is good for my memory. While I was in the hospital I would  recall things that I've done in my life.

Let's call this blog "A Volcano; The Coconut Man; Some Curry; and A Breast.

Let's start with the Volcano. You know, when I traveled, I went through some amazing places. One place I really loved was the big island of Hawaii. One of my favorite places was on top of the island. You drive all the way to the top, to an extinct volcano. It was surreal up there. It was kind of cool cause you'd be in this like moon-scape and you would look down at where you were going to surf. It was pretty cool, but I definitely felt the pressure on my brain. When I was going up to the volcano, I felt something strange going on. I didn't know then what I had. So I ignored it and ended up going surfing, thinking that would clear my head.

Now let's talk about the coconut man. In Hawaii, in the lava fields there was this guy they called the coconut man. He was probably a retired ad man from Madison Avenue. He was a guy that, well, totally lost it. This guy, the coconut man, basically lived in the lava fields. He relied on people dropping off food and water to survive. The guy was totally bonkers. I got a photo of him as we drove past. The guy was totally dressed in coconut shells and coconut leaves. Other than that, he looked totally normal. He didn't look like a street person at all.

Now, let's talk about the Curry. When I loved in Australia, Bondi Beach, to be precise, there were some friends who lived above an Indian Spice store. Their whole apartment smelled like curry, but I guess they got used to it. They were kind of nose-blind to the smell. But every time I smell curry now, I think of their apartment. Boy, did we have fun, great dinners. That leads me to my next story. A Breast.

Now, my friend, if you're out there, maybe you can clarify this for me, but I seem to remember having a dinner party. My friend showed up with another couple. We were at the table chatting, the kids were playing, you know normal regular stuff. I started serving the dinner, some pasta, when one of the kids came over and said, "Mom, I'm hungry." Well, Mom, not my friend, but the other woman whipped out her breast and started feeding the kid. Well, I was just having conversation with the kid earlier. I mean, I was about to offer him a beer. I thought to myself, maybe I should skip dinner and offer everyone coffee. I thought the kid was gonna ask me for my car keys. It was all kind of strange and freaked me out.

I'm gonna leave it at that. Have a good week. Love you guys, B. Nice

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