February 5, 2016

LTI_321247_3703-11 Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past.

One time I was sitting in a cafe and there was this guy walking across the parking lot toward the cafe. He was all dressed up in, well, I won't go into detail, but I thought to myself, "Look at this guy! He thinks he's a rock star or something." Then he sat down next to me. We started talking, and he was a rock star!

You know, everything I've been through, all the training as an athlete, living in different places, everything, I feel has gotten me ready for all the stuff I've been dealing with. It's been a long time since my initial bleed. It's tough, but everything in my past has helped me get through this. Just have to recognize it.

I'll leave you with a photo. That's all for now though. No other stories. I'll tell you some more stories next week.

Love, B. Nice

Oh, PS, here's the link to my other blog (maybe I'll tell a story over there…)