December 1, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I had my friend here go into the other room and pull out one of my diaries. I used to keep my diaries in cartoon form. The drawing above is about a trip I did in the Bahamas. When you're in North Eluthera and you want to get to Harbour Island, you have to take a little boat. Well, I was on one of these boats and there was a famous musician sitting across from me. We were in a stare down because I kept bumping into him on my travels. You know, like Duty Free, an elevator, a bar, etc., etc. The guy must have thought I was stalking him because here I am in the middle of the Bahamas sailing on a small boat staring at the guy.  We didn't say a word. It was all rather uncomfortable, but I'll tell you, the guy got off the boat pretty quick. It was a great shoot though. I was there for like a week. It was one of my favorite places. It was fun because some of my fellow photographer friends also went there often. When I ran into them it was like a big party.

Alright, I'll tell you one story. One time I ran into a fellow photographer. We all got together and had a big party. Well, my assistant joined us and was having a great time. I knew we had to start early, so I left the party early. My assistant stayed on. Well, the following morning, I was waiting for everyone, having a coffee when I noticed my assistant showing up wearing the same clothes he had on from the previous night. He had scratches all over him. Leaves in his hair. He looked like hell. I said to him, "What happened to you?" and in a very thick Spanish accent, because, you know, he was from Spain, he said, "I leave party. It dark. I was drunk. I lose my way. I end up in big spider webs. I scream. I run into woods. I know not what to do, so I lie down and sleep. The sun come up. I see where I am, and now I'm here. Good party."

On that note, I'm gonna say, good-bye. I miss those parties. Miss you guys too. Love, B. Nice

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