July 8, 2014

10_4-2-03 Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past.  Oh man, one time I was on a photoshoot in Quebec Canada. We used to shoot in Quebec a lot because it looked a lot like Europe without the distance. Anyway, there was a big concert there. The model I was working with knew the performer so we all went to the concert together. I got separated from my crew and in the sea of humanity I wondered how I would find them. I looked up at a video screen and there was my crew dancing on the stage. Well, I knew where to go at least. I battled my way to the front, you know, to the stage and there they all were dancing. It was a fun night. I'll tell you, one of my friends can't dance worth shit. That reminds me, I just saw my model friend in an ad. It was an ad where you were looking down at three girls. It reminded me of a shoot I did for a magazine, you know, a men's magazine. You know, one of those magazines they have girls, trucks, food, and all that highly intellectual stuff. Anyway, I had to photograph three girls in bed wearing nothing but their birthday suits. I thought it would be funny to put my assistant in the bed with the girls. My assistant was a little Mexican guy with a comb over. It was funny. He looked like an elf with three Amazon women. He had a shit eating smile on his face. It was great. It was all fun and games until my conservative client showed up from the studio next door. There I was at the top of this ladder laughing. My assistant was in the bed with these naked girls. We were all laughing and then my conservative client said, "Brian, I was just next door shooting and I saw your name listed on the wall. Did I break something up? I'm sorry." And she left. Funny. I never did work with that client again.

You know, I love cooking. I picked it up from a photographer I worked for in the '80's. He used to give me his credit card and a shopping list. Oh yeah, money for a cab. I would go to the store and buy the best of the best. We would then cook a great meal. The other thing I used to do was watch my mom cook. She would open the fridge and a cabinet and cook an amazing meal based on what she had. So now I combine them both and make a great meal. At least my health assistant does for me. I can't quite cook yet, but I sure can watch - and yell.

I'm sharing with you some random stories. Someone wrote in, "More assistant stories please." So I'll tell this one story about an assistant. One of my favorites. I was doing a photo shoot in South Beach Miami. Actually, it was way down in the keys. Anyway, I'd been partying with another crew. I went back to my room because we had to start early. My assistant stayed behind and partied on. Anyway, he stayed out pretty late I guess. So late that he couldn't find his way back to the room. He ended up in the woods covered in spider webs so he decided he would do the intelligent thing: lie down. Well, I saw him the next day and he looked like Hell. He described what happened and he said he woke up when it got light, saw where he was and worked his way back to his room just in time to change and come to the shoot. The guy looked like he'd been in war. He lasted about an hour.

You know, it was the 4th of July this past weekend. I once caught an evening flight on the 4th of July. I had a window seat. I saw fireworks all the way from New York to LA. Quite a trip. Anyway, hope you have a good week. I'm gonna share a couple of images from my road trip. Hope you enjoy them. Love, B. Nice