Chapter 53 - June 7, 2012

I feel I have to get this off my chest. Some things happen on photo shoots that I feel badly about.  Okay, here is some of my dirty laundry.
A.  One time I booked a famous model for a photo shoot.  She needed some swimwear shots for her book.  I said no problem I'll book you on my next swimwear shoot.  I never told her where it was.  It was in Palau - half way around the world.  It took two days to get there and six airplanes.  That's the least I of what I did back then.  Anyway, I went to pick her up at the hotel and she answered her door, she said to me "Where the fuck am I?" It was a good shoot anyhow, but she forgot to tell me she doesn't swim...
B.  We put a girl on an iceberg...the iceberg could have flipped.  However, we backed away and got the shot.
C.  I was in Paris, I met my friend for a drink in a famous hotel.  Then my wife at that time showed up and we had more drinks.  The bill got pretty high.  When the waiter came over, I asked for the bill.  He gave me the bill, it was out of sight and I was without my key at the time. The waiter said would you like me to charge it to.......(a well known magazine)?  Of course, I said, charge it to them.  I still feel a little guilty.

D.  I booked a helicopter.  We were supposed to go home by boat.  We were on Heron Island off Australia.  The editor came running out as I was about to take off.  She said, "Who's paying for this?" I screamed, "You are!" and I shut the door and took off.