Chapter 52 - June 6, 2012

Boy I sure could use those temple girls right now. You see you get a little depressed sometimes. Peaks and valleys. I'll get out of this funk soon, but sometimes you get a little sad. It's times like this you really need your family and friends around.
Last weekend my little one came to visit me. That was a great weekend. This weekend, some of my track friends from the past will come and visit. I'm really looking forward to it. I remember those times and the always make me really happy.  "B. Nice, you're a head case."  That's what my coach used to say. I was in the NCAA championships in Chicago.
It was the men's 1500 meter race. I ran a really good time to get there. As I was walking to the startling line my heart was in my throat. I was so nervous. We all lined up, the gun went off, and being the young idiot I was, I took the lead (I usually ran from the back). I ran 2 and 1/2 laps leading the race. I was doing good. Over the loud speaker I could hear them say "It's Brian Nice taking the lead in the 1500 meter race."  I was pumped up. Then all of a sudden every single bear known to mankind jumped on my back.  That was it.  I shot load
(locker room talk for "I used up all my energy").  My whole body seized up and when it happened, they all started passing me one by one.  Then I heard over the loud speaker "It's Brian Nice coming in last in the men's 1500 meter."  The only words I heard after the announcement were from my coach at the finish line. He just looked at me and shook his head and said, "B. Nice, you're a head case."  Maybe he was right. Yeah, he was right.
Anyway, I get sad and I think of times like that, times that get my mind off of what I'm going through.
I remember when I was at the hospital, there was an old man who used to just sit there and look out the window. He was there all the time. He would always talk in these native languages and it was beautiful.  Almost like poetry. I finally asked him what he was saying. It turns out, he was a sugar king farmer from South America.  He was praying in his native language.  And every once in a while he would speak in English and say words like, "From the valley of my heart," and "Your long blond hair."  "I like to watch you play in the long grass," and once in a while he'd say, "My son."  It was funny. He always thought I was his son and he just wanted to hold hands. So I would hold his hand and look out the window with him. Hey, it's better than tv.
But like I said, I'm home now. This is the third time I've had to adjust from the hospital to home living. It s not easy. You definitely need to have an aid. I keep doing my therapy and I go to out patient therapy every day.
Here is an example of what I used to draw.
That's all for now. I'll talk to you guys next week.
Love, B Nice

P.S.  Hey Chris!  It was funny when Julie was saying you contacted.  I had a dream about you me and Rob in a 4 wheel drive in a sand pit.  We couldn't get out. Weird, but kind of a metaphor for how I feel right now, except, I don't drink anymore.  Not right now at least.

P.P.S.  This is probably kind of morbid and not a great way to end a blog but I'm gonna do
it anyway.  You see, out of the many hospitals I went to, I saw a lot of people die and a lot
of them we're younger than me.  I'd be chatting with them one night and the next morning
they'd be dead.  It got me thinking, is that it?  Time goes by so fast.  Life is so short. Make sure you do what you love to do.  See ya next week. B. Nice