Chapter 47 - May 9, 2012

Hi Everybody.  Well, this week has been interesting.  Never a dull moment.  I’ll tell ya.
On Friday morning, April 27th I had a couple of seizures it’s now Wednesday afternoon and I’m still in the hospital. I feel like I’m starting all over again like after my operations. It’s been a real downer.  The doctors think I had a seizure because I had a break through from my anti seizure medicine. In other words, my body has gotten use to the anti seizure medicine. They are trying another anti seizure medicine with my old stuff.  It’s been a downer, but I try to keep a positive attitude, not easy.

The positive thought I always think about is surfing!!!! I have had some beautiful days surfing. When I get blue I just imagine myself on the board on the water.  It always makes me happy.

I look at it this way…’s just another story. I do have time on my side.  Let’s think about another story something that will take us away from this nightmare.
In the 80’s I worked for a famous fashion photographer.  I had to fly to New York City from Paris where we were on a shoot. I had to go earlier with the photo equipment and film. I had a lot of carry on luggage. The photographer who I worked with gave me a number 20 Valium to take for the flight which I took before take off thinking when I woke up I would be in New York. Upon take off one of the engines blew out.  Next thing I knew the plane was back at the gate.  I was still in Paris.  I was the last one off the plane.  The flight attendant tried to help me get back to the gate.  We had to get off the plane.
I could hardly stay awake. I saw an espresso bar and headed toward it with all my carry ons.  It wasn’t easy. I was surprised I didn’t have a heart attack.  I had had that 20 Valium and three espressos.  Not a good combo. The equipment was heavy and I seem to have a lot stuff. I dragged everything everywhere tied to my limbs, body legs,etc…slipping and sliding and all tangled up.

By the way the trip home was terrible.

More later I don’t have any energy left right now.