Chapter 29 – December 7, 2011

My friend was reading my last blog I did. I mentioned having friends is
important. It’s so important to have someone look over you. I’m lucky to
have my family and friends. I would say that the most important thing is you
have someone look after you. So many people slip through the cracks. So
many people abuse the system. I’ve seen some horrible things. But we won’t
talk about that now. That could be another story in itself.

I’m sorry. I got upset. When you’re in the hospital for over 2 years, you see
some crazy stuff. Stuff that changes your life. Stuff that makes you think
twice about things. Not much to say, but it’s very sad. Just make sure the
one you love has someone to look over them.

Remember, the other important thing is to look at things on a positive note.
It’s so important to think positive all the time. Today, here is a gloomy day,
but I just think it’s sunshine. You gotta do something that makes you happy.
Stay positive.

Today, at therapy, they did a refresher course on swallowing water. They
electrify the muscles in your neck, which helps you to swallow. It’s a bit
uncomfortable, but it seems to work. I’ll do this for 2 weeks and they’ll give
me a swallow test. It’s kind of cool, and it seems to work. The other thing
they did at therapy was more strength building exercises. This helps me
get stronger and get better. One thing the therapist said was don’t work
too hard. Make sure you take time to rest. It’s important to let the body
regenerate. I have to pay attention to this as I tend to over do it.

It was cool the other day. Some friends came by and they gave me an iPad.
They had all chipped in and they bought me an iPad. They put applications
and games, etc., on it. It’s a little advanced for me right now, but it will help
later. It was a cool thing they did. It will help me get better for sure.

I’m sitting here trying to remember something important I was going to tell
you. For the most part, I have a very good memory. But, it seems to go in
and out right now, sometimes.

I have a good shrink. She came by today to see how I was doing. It’s

important to have someone like this in your life. She said I was doing well. I
don’t take any happy pills or any anti-depressants. It’s only natural to be sad
when you go through something like this. I have my moments of course. But
I stay happy and positive for the most part.

I did remember one thing. I talked a little about it the last blog. It’s a
little word called frustration. I get so frustrated. As I’m basically trapped
in my own body. I would love to go for a run, pick up the phone and talk to
friends. Anything to break up the routine. What can I say. Frustration is
huge right now. My friend reminded me, it’s a new stage I’m going through.
I guess it’s good. Look at it in a positive way. I can almost do what I want,
but I can’t quite do it. I’ve been standing a lot and I’m walking at therapy.
These are all important things. But I still get frustrated. I still find it
amazing I can run a sub four minute mile, and yet I can’t walk down the hall
right now. (I used to run a sub 4 minute mile.) I can’t remember what I was
going to talk to you about. Just stay positive. That’s all I do when I get
frustrated. I try to think positive. I’ll never forget what a nurse once said
to me. Take a gray day and make it blue. I’ll talk to you guys next week.
Love, B. Nice