Chapter 27 – November 15, 2011

Sorry to miss a week. I went somewhere. I’m not sure where, but it went
by really quick. I got an email from a friend of mine. It was pretty cool. He
finished a New York City Marathon and he said that he was inspired by my
hard work. It kept him going just thinking about what I was going through.
Basically helped him through the race thinking about my situation. I’m glad I
could help out and glad he finished the marathon.

You see, when you’re in a state like this, Traumatic Brain Injury, having
friends support you is really important. You’re constantly keeping evil
thinking at bay. And to get positive reinforcement is really helpful. Just
having a friend send an email or stop by really helps you mentally. Friends
are very important. I’m lucky to have many great friends.

One reason why I skipped a week was because I went to Mauntauk to get my
surf boards and windsurfing equipment. I was once again reminded that I
have great friends. They all helped out and got my boards out of storage.
My one friend said to me, “Man, you got a problem!” Because I have 16
boards. No one really understands unless they surf and windsurf. There is
a different board for each condition. There’s boards for big waves, boards
for small waves, etc., etc. It was a fun road trip. An old friend helped me
out and drove me out there along with my mother. I stayed at a hotel on
the beach, just down from the house I built. Was a great road trip. A much
needed escape from therapy. Remember, life is therapy.

Speaking of therapy, I just found out they are going to limit my occupational
therapy. That’s basically therapy from the waist up. It’s kind of good new/
bad news. I think I do better when I have more therapy. It kind of fine
tunes you. Sure I could do what is done in therapy, but it helps to go there.
And besides, it’s nice to get out of the house and talk to other people.

My mom’s been reading to me. Cause I can’t really see in single form yet. It
still shakes. It’s very difficult to read. Anyway, she’s reading to me a book
written by a family friend, an artist named Chuck Close. I strongly advise
you read the book. It’s good. Man, that guy went through hell. At the
moment, the most important thing I get from it and after talking to him, the
most important thing is do what you love to do. He loves to paint, so painting

got him through the tough times. I love photography. I still do photography
to get me through the tough times. Do what you love.

One thing I’m doing, I would strongly suggest you do when you’re in this
situation, each day goes by slowly. And they all blend together. It’s hard
to see any difference and change. It’s hard to see yourself getting better.
I strongly advise you have someone videotape you, just talking, maybe
once a month. I’m doing this right now. I had my old assistant come up
and videotape me. Just having a chat. It will show your improvement and
encourage you. That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys next week. B. Nice