Chapter 22 – September 20, 2011

I hope my friend Julie who’s typing this can understand me. I had a rough night last
night. Threw up all night. Didn’t get much sleep. Therefore, my speech is bad.

I was thinking, the word for today would be – stress.

Whenever you’re in a condition like this, TBI, stress is a bad thing. I believe my
relationship problems, my personal life, has made everything very stressful. My stomach
over produces mucus, and I tend to throw it up. It’s been keeping me up every night.
Good thing I take naps. My suggestion is just try to avoid stress.

On a more positive note, a gallery came by the other day and I’m going to have a show of
my work. A specific period before my injury, and how I see the world now. It’s a cool
idea. It’s a nice distraction.

My friend Susie came by with some spaghetti and meat balls, my favorite. It’s good to
have good friends. It makes the time go by so much better. And lifts one’s spirits. Good
to have friends.

I do feel like I’m getting better. There’s a sense of clarity coming through. But I still
feel very tight in the face and the arms, hands and legs. A very strange sensation. But I
feel like I’m gonna get better. It’s hard to explain. It’s more of a sensation. More of a
knowing that I’m going to get better.

Today we had a nice fire in the fireplace. The beginning of fall. It’s a great feeling. I
feel like an old man, in my wheelchair with my blanket over the lap sitting next to a fire
with my dog. I can tell what it feels like when we get old, and it sucks. Wish I could
stay young forever.

Anyway, just to summarize, try to keep stress out of your life. Remember the word
disease is dis-ease. Your body is not happy. Try to stay happy. See you next week.