Chapter 16 - July 19, 2011

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I have to share something funny I heard the other
day, from actor Zach Brath: There was a really hot girl standing on the street s of New
York. She said, as she wiped the sweat from her brow, “Lord, if hell is hotter than this,
I’m going to have to change my ways.” Ha ha ha. That’s how hot it is here.

I stay inside near an air conditioning unit. It seems the heat and humidity really get to
me. I guess the brain stem regulates body temperature. Remember, mine is damaged
from the traumatic brain injury. Anyway, that’s boring. The joke I thought was funny

My friend Julie came over with her two boys. They went for a swim with my daughter,
Sam. I wish I could go swimming. It’ll happen. It’ll have to be next year. I have to be

I’m such a big baby. I’ve been falling out of bed for the past few nights. I’ve been
having my mom stay near my room to help me if I need help. I still wake up at night in a
panic sometimes. Or I fall out of bed sometimes. When will this all end? It’s such a big

My shrink came by today and she noticed a difference from the last week. She said I
looked and sounded better. That’s always encouraging. I don’t think she’d lie. Why
would you lie to a guy in a wheelchair? Anyway, it’s good news for me to hear that.

My daughter has been running around the house. She is really enjoying herself, and it
makes me happy to see her. I remember she will be leaving soon. It’s such a drag.

I have been going to therapy when my daughter goes to camp. They have been working
on my walking. It’ll feel so good to walk. As I was walking down one hall I realized that
this walking is like running a race. Each step you take is an effort, and well thought out.
I’m always exhausted at the end of each session. It’s exhausting, but so important. You’ll
come to welcome therapy and dred it at the same time. It’s a lot of work, hard work. But
I’m willing and ready to train to get better. I’ll never give up until they throw dirt on my

On a positive note, I got a pdf file from my friend who I’m doing a book with. It looks
great. Her words and my photographs. It’s more of a spiritual book, self help book. My
next book will be based on this blog. I’ll keep you posted.

See you next time.