May 19, 2017


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

Brutal. I'll explain more. I wanted to do a photoshoot where I specifically shoot an item as if I was specifically shooting for someone. My friend is an art director and she came up with some flowers for me to photograph. I set everything up, reflectors, my scrims, you know, everything for a photoshoot. The first thing I noticed was I set everything up to my height, 5'11". You know, I'm in a wheelchair now and everything is about 4' so I had to lower everything. Pretty crazy right. My friend here says I was on auto-pilot, and I guess I was. The shoot went great, but man, was I wiped out! I can see I only last a couple of hours. I had to concentrate on setting up all the equipment, picking out the music, talking to people, etc. Bottom line is, I'm not ready, no way. But, it's a step. Remember, everything is baby steps after you have a brain injury, and I took my first baby step. That lazy boy chair with a beer cooler looks like a better and better idea. Other than that, it's therapy as usual, every day. I keep plugging away. Not much else to tell you. It's freaking hot, and the humidity is real high. Not a good combo for me.

Here's the other link to my blog where I talk about my past. See you next week. Love, B. Nice