May 1, 2017


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

Let's call this blog fugly. I'll explain. I have a therapist. We'll call him Jack. I see him Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every time I see him, we're like two brothers always telling jokes and picking on each other. Well, this past Friday, I saw my therapist Jack. He was wearing an orange t-shirt. I said, "Man, you look like an ugly pumpkin." Then we proceeded to insult each other. Anyway, I got back to work on my arm bike. Remember, I can't see too good. All of a sudden, in my peripheral vision, I see a flash of orange. I say to Jack, "Man, you're fugly." Then I realize, it's not Jack. It was another patient. I didn't bother to explain, but I got a lot of strange looks for the rest of the session. Oh well, just blame it on a traumatic brain injury.

Hey, speaking of traumatic brain injury, I just found out New York State is the leading state in the United States for traumatic brain injury waiver. All the other states look up to New York State as an example. So I guess, by default, I picked a good place to live. If you have a traumatic brain injury, you might want to consider moving to New York State. You'll get more services.

I'm gonna leave you with a profound thought I had. You see, I always wake up around 4 am, and can't get back to sleep. The thought I had right before I woke up was this: Life is like water over a long fall. Think about it. Pretty profound, huh?

I'll talk to you guys next week. Here's my link to my other blog. Love, B. Nice