November 29, 2016


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present.

I went from Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous to being a hermit who lives in exile with his parents, and the world's smelliest dog. My life is like a bad country song. But, you know what? We had Thanksgiving the other weekend. It was amazing. My cousin came out from California with his family. My daughter was here. We had a great time. I'm still recovering. We did stuff like had bon fires. Went ice skating. Rode bikes. You know, at home stuff. It was great. Although, I'm still recovering. You know, it was Thanksgiving weekend, but every day is Thanksgiving for me. You see, no matter how bad off you are, there will always be someone worse off. So be thankful where you are. That's my motto for the day.

The only bummer is, I caught a cold. Whenever you get something like the common cold, it's 100 fold worse when you have a brain injury. You learn how to adapt. The cool thing is, tomorrow I walk at a gym I found. It's pretty cool. Who would think someone would be so excited to walk the length of a basketball court. I look forward to it each week. It's amazing how winded I get just walking the length of the court. I have to stop like four times. At least I'm walking, right?

I'm gonna cut this short cause I feel like just hanging out with my friend here, and the smelly dog at my feet. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Check out my other blog. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice