November 1, 2016

Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present. At the present, it's a day after Halloween. I had a weird dream last night on Halloween that involves my friends' dog named Boo. On Halloween. Here's what I wrote to my friends:
I had a weird dream about Boo. I guess it was because it was Halloween and the word, Boo, came up. I dreamt I wanted to put Boo up on my blog, but I needed a headshot of Boo. Well, I got Boo to our house and tried to do a headshot. He was very apprehensive and very nervous. Remember, we're talking about a dog, right. Anyway, I said, "Listen Boo, let's step aside for a second.. I want to talk to you." He agreed and I said, "Listen, Boo, imagine you're on a sheepskin bed filled with down. It's on a square tray of solid gold. There are dog toys and treats all around you. You're feeling very regal and happy. OK? Oh! Look! coming across the horizon over there. Is that a Squirrel? Squirrel? No, it's your dream mate! She's running towards you. You're so happy. She's running through the tall grass and flowers in slow motion. The sky is a crayola crayon blue with white puffy clouds. you're so happy. And then," my voice softens. I say, "Boo, she ran right past you. The sky turned ink black and the fields of green turned to a cold gray. You're sad. So cold. So sad. The bed of sheepskin you thought you were sitting on turned to an itchy burlap sack with cold wet leaves inside. The sack is sitting on a tray of oxidized tin. It's so cold. You lie down. Your only friends are your two paws. Yet they're cold shivering and wet. You lie down and give off a sigh of sadness. OK now boo, work the eyebrows as you look around. You think to yourself, 'Boy, wish I had a blanket to stay warm…' Then you close your eyes. Your point of view is black. And then I yell, "OK Boo! I got you! Good shots! Good boy. Let's have a treat as i shoot off some casual snapshots of happiness." I get a coffee.
 So, it's come to this. I'm now talking to dogs in my dreams. And directing them.