May 3, 2016


Hi you guys, welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

It's mother's Day coming up. I forgot to add a few things to the previous blog. Read it.

My mom takes care of me. I was talking about the different hats she wears. I forgot to add, she's an accountant, a dog letter inner, a dog letter outer, a dog letter inner, a dog letter outer, and a dog letter inner, and a dog letter outer. Oh yeah, throw in a cat there once in a while. She also looks after my dad which is a who other matter. And did I mention she goes all the way to Texas to get my daughter so I can see her. Remember, I can't fly. A super mom that's for sure. I wouldn't be where I am, if it weren't for her.

So check it out. A few days ago, my friend here gave us a screening for the documentary Offset, we did. It was a great turn out. So thank you to my friend here, and everyone that helped. We also had a showing of some photographs we did ion the trip. It was a great night and I made it. No 'moments' as I call them.

That's about it for now. I'm pretty wiped out even though it was about three nights ago. I'm still recovering.

Have a good weekend. Happy Mother's Day.

Love, B. Nice

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