April 26, 2016


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present.

I know it's super early, but I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom. You know, my mom is a Super Mom. Did you know that? I'll explain why...

My mom wears many hats. She basically takes care of me. I have a traumatic brain injury, and she looks after me. We do get help time and again, but my mom does the majority of the work. This is what she does:

  1. Her first hat is, she's an alarm clock.
  2. A health aide
  3. A mechanical technician
  4. A nurse
  5. A cook
  6. And then a health aide again
  7. A physical therapist
  8. Then a cook again
  9. Physical therapist again
  10. A chauffeur
  11. A healthcare advocate
  12. A trainer
  13. A chauffeur again
  14. A cook again
  15. A physical therapist again
  16. A nurse again
  17. Then, an alarm clock again
  18. A physical therapist again
  19. Oh yeah, forgot to throw in that she's also a stylist. She dresses me like an old Yugoslavian Used Car Salesman
  20. Then she is a physical therapist again
  21. A psychologist
  22. A referee
  23. A photo assistant
  24. A fine arts assistant
  25. A cook again
  26. A nutritional assistant
  27. A dental hygeinist
  28. A physical therapist again
  29. A tucker inner
  30. A good nighter

Basically, a Super Mom. The above is my outline of the day. It's a lot of work being a mom. A Super Mom, that is. She even puts up with my bad jokes.

Anyway, my friend comes over here once a week, and I wanted to make sure I got this out there. Anyway, make sure you get your mom something for Mother's Day. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, our film, Offset - Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury, comes out this weekend at The Depot Theatre. Here's the link for tickets. There's limited seating, so get your ticket as soon as you can. And if you miss the movie, come over to the exhibit of my photographs across the street. I'll greet you there with a glass of wine. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice