January 12, 2015


Greetings everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. I'm presently really excited about today. As you know, I have a traumatic brain injury. One of my therapies is water therapy. Today, in the water therapy, my therapist made me go under water. That was cool for me because I haven't been under water for about seven years. My friend here said, "Intentionally anyway," and I agree. After going under water, my therapist said, "Do you feel like getting up on a boogie board?" I said, "Sure. Let's give it a go." Then she said, "Do you feel like trying to carry this large medicine ball under water?" I said, "Sure, let's give it a go." Then she said, "You feel like floating on your back with no support?" I said, "Sure, let's give it a go." I said, "Wait, back up. Should I change my name to Last Name: Pig; First Name: Guinea?" Anyway, it all helped me, all this work, and boy am I tired. A good tired. When you have a traumatic brain injury water therapy is amazing, but don't over do it.

The other thing I've been doing a lot of is cooking. I don't actually cook, but my health assistant does all the work. After all this, I'm probably going to weigh 300 pounds. It's good though. Good for the memory, and you have a great meal at the end.

I'm gonna leave it at that. If you want to check out my other blog go to http://briannice.com/blogspot. It's where I talk about the past.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice