December 8, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

So I go to outpatient almost every day, for either water therapy or strength building. This is what it's like where I go. It's kind of like that movie, "One Flew Over The Cockcoo's Nest." So, imagine this. Imagine theres an older couple. The old woman stands up and says to the old man, "I'm going to the kitchen. Would you like me to get you something?" And the man replies, "Yeah, some ice-cream would be nice." Tje woman says, "What kind of ice-cream would you like?" And the man says, "Chocolate, but you'd better write that down." And she says, "No, I got it. Chocolate ice-cream. Anything else?" The man replies, "Yeah, some chocolate sauce would be nice, but you better write that down." The woman replies, "No, I got it chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce. No problem. Would you like anything else?" The man replies, "Well, actually, I'd like some of those sprinkles, you know, the colored ones, that would be nice. But you'd better write that down." She says, "No, I got it. Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, colored sprinkles. No problem." Then she goes off to the kitchen. She comes back 15 minutes later with bacon and eggs. The man replies, "Bacon and eggs! You forgot my toast!" Never a dull moment where I go.

Actually, today it's been like two hours of water therapy. I'm pretty wiped out so I'm gonna keep this short and leave it at that. Hope you guys have a great week. Check out my blog where I talk about the past.

Love, B. Nice