December 1, 2015

BrianNice_XCountry-2013_3285-09 Hi everybody.. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. My little one came to visit me for a week. It was cool. I remember we were sitting at our country kitchen table and I said, "Run over to the sink, fill up a glass of water and bring it over here." My little one filled the glass of water, brought it to the table. And I said, "Now put it in the center of the table." I said, "Look now, everyone has a different perspective on the water. When I look through it, I see the big window behind it, the table cloth. The light coming through it. When you look at the same glass of water, you have a different perspective. You might see the kitchen cabinets, the dark paint, the table cloth. What I'm trying to say is, there might be one thing, but we all have a different perspective, a different point of view on the same thing. Do you understand wheat I'm saying?" My little one, with a very serious look in her eyes said to me… "Dad, you have a fly on your head." So much for my philosophy course.

I just want to tell you one other amusing thing. This house is crazy. You could do a sitcom on our house. I can't talk, right? I mean, I sound like a drunken sailor. And my dad can't hear a thing so it's rather amusing here. WEll, the other day my dog took a big dump outside, right in front of the kitchen door. Of course my dad stepped right in it and started walking through the kitchen dragging shit everywhere. I yelled to my dad, "DAD! Stop, check your shoes!" He replied, "Yeah, great news! USC won over UCLA!" I said, "NO! Check your shoes!" And then he replied, "Hold on, hold on." Then the dog started barking. He said, "Who's here, who's here?" The whole time, he's tracking dog shit all over the kitchen. I need a vacation. My poor health assistant cleaned up the mess. And the dog shit too.

The other thing that's been happening this week is I have been wearing my weighted vest for longer periods. It really helps in calming down my shaking (Attaxia). It's pretty remarkable. It allows me to do my other therapies in a clearer way. And the best thing that happened this week was I finally got the family back. It had been in storage and repair since 2008. Can you believe it? Anyway, it was worth the wait. It's great exercise for my hands and I can teach my little one how to play. I can't play, but it's nice to listen to the notes and work my hands. My friend here remarked that sound therapy is probably good for me, and it's true because the only thing that works good on me is sound and listening. Everyone's different. This is B. Nice signing off. Love you guys. Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice

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