March 7, 2015


Hi you guys. It's a heat wave here! It's 40 degrees! I can finally come out of my cave and go outside. All I need is an ankle bracelet. It feels good to get out.

Hey, check out the photo above. It's from my road trip. Remember? I went across america to show that even though you have traumatic brain injury, you can still do the things you love to do. And I love taking pictures. It's the 50th anniversary of the march on Selma. We had lunch there. I got a great shot. Pretty ironic. Anyway, here's the photo. Hey, you know what else is ironic? Edmund Pettus was a grand wizard of the KKK. They named the bridge after him. I'm sure he's rolling over in his grave and I'm happy about that. Pretty ironic.

Not much else to report on my traumatic brain injury. I'm still the same. Still going through the same shit. But I did play the guitar the other day, and I gave you a song like I promised. Check it out on Facebook. I'm under briandnice.

Have a good week. Love and miss you guys, B. Nice

P.S. Here the link to my blog about the past.