February 28, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about my present. My present with traumatic brain injury. I'll make it kind of short.

You know what drives me crazy is when someone like my friend shows up really grumpy. He was telling me his problems. Now, I know people don't want to hear this, it's a bit of a cliche, but when someone shows up telling me about their problems like, they stubbed their toe, or something like that, it kind of drives me crazy. I always think maybe I should take this guy to Unit 6A at the hospital and show him people with real problems. You know, there were people I used to hang out with, people that will never get better. You know, people with big problems. Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. You know, get up on my soap box and preach.

It's been a strange week. You know, every day is different. I go to sleep thinking Gee, I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I've been fighting this whole situation for almost 6 years. But, things are becoming more and more clear. I can't describe it, and I think I already did, but it feels bizarre. It's like I said before. It's a never-ending wake up.

You know what's kind of cool is I've been starting to strum my guitar. A local musical gave me a strap to hold the guitar around me and I managed to strum it. I think I'll even give you a song next week. Something to look forward to, right? It'll probably be the scariest video you've ever seen, but hey, what the hell. I'm gonna leave it at that because there's not much more to tell. Actually, I am going to benchmark where I am cause it's cool to look back at previous blogs and you know, see where I'm at.

Right now I still feel like my face is covered in gaffer tape. I can't walk. I'm still in the wheel chair. I can drink, but through a straw. I still have to be fed by hand. I can drive. Just kidding. I wanted to see if you're paying attention. I can't sit up. But little things like, playing the guitar, strumming the guitar and painting are huge steps for me. I am improving but it's taking so long. My eyesight is getting better. I still see double though and my eyes move constantly. I'm basically still a mess. But, it's not so bad.

This is B. Nice signing off from Ice Station Zebra (man it's viking cold here!). Here's my link to my blog about the past. Love, B. Nice