3 September, 2014


So imagine this, imagine on your index finger balancing a marble and then some legos, a bunch of them, another marble. That's what I feel like when I try to stand up. It's not easy, and some days are easier than others. For example, we recently had a heat wave and it seems to have made things real difficult for me, like just standing. It's been hard for me to speak and I have more, what I call "moments," which are probably mini seizures. Other than that, life is great! I say life is great sarcastically. Anyway, I've been looking at different trikes. They are kind of like an adult version of a Big Wheel. I never had one when I was a kid so I guess I'm reliving my childhood. I tried one out and they are a lot of fun. It'll be good to get out of the house.

Recently I've been editing my photos from my road trip. It's difficult 'cause I have to only edit at like fifteen minute intervals. The computer screen makes things uncomfortable for me. So the whole process has been rather slow. But the images look good. I'm happy with it. It's pretty much how I see things. I'll include them later in this blog.

Recently a friend of mine went on a road trip across america. It's good for him, but a bummer for me cause he used to come and rescue me from my self imposed exile. He and I used to go out to lunch. I'm gonna rely on my friend right here to take me out for pizza once in a while. She said possibly pate de foie gras. As long as we have champagne I'm cool with that. Anyway, it's good to get out of the house. I highly recommend breaking things up. It helps a lot.

My friend here is going to put all my selects on a CD I'll watch over and over and remember the strong ones. You see, I edit my film in batches. You know, I did one batch and then I'll edit down from that and then I'll do a final edit. So basically my trip gets edited down three times. It makes it stronger. Anyway, that's about all I have to report. If you want to see my other website, you know, my confessions from the past, you have to go back to my main website: www.briannice.com - just click on the word Blog. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice