May 27, 2014


My health assistant displaced 8 cm of air in 1/99th of a second. I've never seen anybody move so fast before. You see. He saw a bee on the floor next to me. I was stretching out. Just thought I'd share that with you. I guess the guy doesn't like bees.

When you're like this, you know, a traumatic brain injury, it's good to stretch out, to stay in shape. It's tough, but I get on a mat on the floor and stretch my hamstrings, all the muscle groups. It's important. Now, who knows? You never know, I might need another operation and I gotta stay in shape.

It's been getting real hot here and really humid. I've found the combination of the heat and humidity at the end of the day brings on what I call little moments. I get super tired. I guess you might call them mini seizures. But they never develop into full on seizures. One interesting thing was I had a moment in the morning, early in the morning. That's never happened before. Never a dull moment. I'm fine today. Just a little tired.

My life is really exciting right now. The biggest moment of my life right now is that my mom and my health assistant took down all the curtains. Who would imagine that this would excite me so much. Anyway, the house is so much brighter. And I'm gonna have to be careful about walking around naked. The windows are super clear because my mom had them cleaned. It is cool though. It's totally changed the light coming in. You know, I look at things so differently. It's as if I take a photo in my mind's eye. It's like taking a photo without the camera. Does that make sense to you? Anyway, it does to me. And like my friend here says, the photos come out perfectly each time. But all kidding aside, I look at things as if they were photos. I always did, but more so now, with the change of the light.

I tell you, you don't want to have to go far to be entertained when you're like this. My personal life is like a daytime latin soap opera. I sit on the porch and I see tons of wildlife, like baby foxes, bobcats, deer. It's never-ending. Our house faces West Point Military Academy. There's lots of activity because the President is coming here to speak at graduation. Maybe he'll stop by for a cup of tea. Anyway, never a dull moment. You know, I really don't feel like chatting that much. I'm gonna include some photos from my road trip again. I've been thinking about the next trip. I'm thinking of taking a ship to Europe. Any ideas?

Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice

P.S. Here a link to my other blog where I talk about the past.