May 6, 2014

2734-03Hi everybody. Welcome to another week of recovery. It's only day 3492… I don't know, just kidding. I haven't been keeping track but I know it's a hell of a long time. You know when you have traumatic brain injury, recovery is a long ass time. It take much longer for the nerves to recover. My friend here was reading my previous blog. I was talking about my friend from Paris. He brought me a great present, but you know, I forgot to mention to him I can only feel like 50% of what I touch. Therefore, in light of what he bought, he should have gotten 50% off! This week has been full of ups and downs. I had to go get an MRI done. I do every year. Man, I hate those things. They're very claustrophobic. They basically stick you in a long tube and you have to hold absolutely still for about an hour while they beat you about your feet with a ruler. (Just kidding about the feet.) But it is claustrophobic. It does help though. It sets the bar as to where you are. I haven't heard the results yet. It's been a day or so, but you know what? No news is good news.

The other thing I've been doing is going to the pool. I went to water therapy and all the people that were there noticed an improvement. I definitely have a stronger core. My balance is better. It's nice to be complimented. It helps you move forward. I tried to get my health assistant to put some large bandaids on his nipples, but he wouldn't go for it for some reason. I just wanted to get a reaction from people. It would have been funny.

I keep painting more and more it seems. It really is helpful for my hand. I've been doing photos as well. Seems I've been more and more creative. I guess it's the weather. Who knows. That's it for this week. I'm going to include some photos. You know, some photos from my trip across america. It's how a traumatic brain injury person sees the world. At least my point of view. Have a nice week. Here's the link. LINK