April 29, 2014

I'm gonna dedicate this blog to my friend, the Mayor of Paris. My friend came all the way over from Paris to see me. What a great visit. You know, when you have traumatic brain injury, it's good to have people visit you. What was that guy's name again? Just kidding. He's a good friend, and he was my roommate for a while, you know, when I lived in New York. We caught up on the "Good ole days." He reminded me of an article they wrote about Paris, an article in the New York Times. I guess the economy isn't so good over there. And the New York Times article said that the Parisians were too depressed to be obnoxious. I thought that was pretty funny. My friend brought me a great present. A Towel made by Hermes. It was a great present and something to look forward to when I get out of the shower. It even had a symbol of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Rather symbolic, don't you think? Anyway, thank you my friend. Another friend came to visit as well. Hell, and another friend came by. It was like a party here. All of it exhausting for my condition. But you know, life is therapy. You know, I have therapy once a week now, and I brought my Up & Go to show my therapist how I use it and to get a brush up course. Remember, the Up & Go helps you learn how to walk. It's pretty cool. I was happy because the therapist told me I've improved. I'm happy to hear that. I'll tell you, it's tough work but, like I said, it's better than taking a 'dirt nap.'

Let's see. WHat else has been going on this week? I seem to be having these little moments almost every day. I guess it's from personal family stress and physical exhaustion. But, you know, it's just like I said before. You suck it up or medicate yourself. I'd rather suck it up. On another note, I've been continuing to paint with my father. I'm gonna include an example here. It's been good for my hand. Good fine motor movement. My Dad paints the symbols and I do the abstract painting. We had a circular frame made because it kind of symbolizes how I used to feel. I felt like I was in a long tube with my hand sticking out. It was very claustrophobic. It was how I felt when I was in the hospital. Maybe it was all the hard core drugs they gave me. Either way, I was happy when someone would hold my hand. I'm gonna have my friend here take a photo of what I'm talking about and include it here.


Just working hard. I'm gonna talk to you guys next week. Let's go over to the blog about the past. LINK You know, remember all the stories I tell are true, things that have happened to me, or things I'm going through. It's all true. Remember, the easiest thing to remember is the truth. Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice