March 4, 2014

Hi everyone. I'm gonna call this blog, "Dogs, doorjambs and a steady hand." I'm gonna dedicate this blog to Sauce, Squirrel, Hoser and Tim. Oh yeah, and Adam and Erin.

The first 4 people I named were my track friends. They came by the other day to say hello. It's great when friends visit. It really helps. Adam and Erin were on my trip I did coast to coast. They did a great job.

The other thing is I named this blog, "Dogs, doorjambs and a steady hand."- because I'm a terror in this power chair. How many dogs do I have? Just one, but I should have gotten 4 or 5. The doorjambs are trashed, and steady hand, what's that? I shake so much I could make you an excellent martini. Anyway, never a dull moment. It's all good for Hand/Eye coordination. My poor parents.

The other thing that's good actually is I'm having less and less what I call moments. You know, when I get real stressed and tired I have little moments that leave me really tired. This is happening less and less. You know, every day is different when you have traumatic brain injury. When I wake up, I think, "OK, what do we have today?" It's always changing. Hell, as long as it changes, I think that's good.

You know, I guess I gotta practice what I preach. I gotta stay positive. I guess I have, well, cabin fever. It seems all I do is work, work, work. When I really want to play play play. I guess I just gotta stay positive. There are improvements like, I can roll over and do cobra in yoga. I can lie on my stomach and not freak out. You know these are little things, but I've done this like 3 times. It's all pretty tough, but, you know, like I said, never give up.

Hey, you know, I'm gonna leave you with some drawings I've done. I draw every day. It's good therapy. I like the drawings. They are interesting. Anyway, here they are. Hope you have a good week. Love, B. Nice

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