March 19, 2017

2396-09 Whenever my health assistant comes over to help me cook, I tell a story while I'm waiting for something to cook or bake. My health assistant asked me what really sticks out in my mind, and it's always three things: 1. I remember I was in New Guinea. I must have been about 11 years old. I had long blond hair. I met a tribal elder at a "Sing Sing." A peace party where two fighting tribes make peace. The tribal elder was mystified by my hair so I gave him a piece of my hair. He gave me some bows and arrows from his personal stash. When he was giving me the bows and arrows, he held my hand, pet my head and said something. I'll never forget his hand. It was a cross between a human hand and the rainforest. Amazing.

The second thing I'll never forget was one time I was location scouting in the forest. I was just standing in the forest looking around. I heard a noise. I looked up. There was a gigantic bald eagle nest right above me. All of a sudden, one single feather fell out of the nest and landed at my feet. It was a gigantic feather. Pretty cool.

The third thing I'll never forget is when my daughter was born. It was cool. I was the first thing she looked at after they suctioned out her eyes. She just looked at me after I said, "Welcome." I think she smiled. But kids, when they're just born aren't able to smile. But I think she did.

That's all for now. Here's a link to my other blog where I talk about the present.