May 17, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past. A family friend came by the other day and dropped off some dinner. A much appreciated dinner. It reminded me of the picture above.

I told you this story a long time ago, but it was so great I think I'll tell you again. I call this story, "My Friend."

It took place in an area called Pretty Beach, Australia. When you would sit down around the campfire, a bunch of kangaroos would come and hang out with you. They were looking for food. Now, imagine this. imagine about eight kangaroos sitting around a campfire like they were your friends. They would sit there and stare at you. Well, I was holding a box of cereal and I reached out to give them some cereal. One of them reached out his paw. Their paws are scary. Their hands are like claws. You'd think they'd be soft and cuddly but they're not. On top of it all, their back legs are powerful with a middle toe that is like a switchblade. I've been told to stay away from their back legs. All my Australian friends say, "Oy mate, she'll cut you in two seconds." Pleasant thought. Anyway, I reached out to give this small kangaroo some cereal. The kangaroo knocked all the cereal off my hand, grabbed the box and ran off with it. All the others chased him into the bush.

That's all for this week. Miss and love all you guys. Love, B. Nice

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