January 9, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I would think about stories to get me through the day.

Oh man, this one time, I was doing this photographic shoot on the west coast. This was around 1995. Anyway, it was during like an El Nino storm. There was some big surf pushing up from the south. Big waves. We stopped our shoot to watch these crazy surfers ride big swell up almost to the cliff face. The surfers would pull out of the wave just before they hit the cliff. This was near La Jolla. South of LA. This one surfer got pushed under and disappeared. Everyone wrote him off as dead. The helicopters came in, the police rescue boats. No one could find him. And then all of a sudden there was a bunch of commotion at a sea shell shop just down the street. Now, get this: apparently the surfer I was talking about got pushed down and into a cave. He swam up into an air pocket and noticed some steps. He swam to the steps. Walked up the stairs and there was a door. Now, cut to this: there's a bunch of people in the sea shell store and they hear a knock behind an old painting. The owner of the store cleared away all these old paintings and sees a door. He opens the old door and there he is, the surfer, all cut up and bloody but alive. Apparently, the old door lead to the stairs that went down into the cave. It was an old tourist attraction that had been boarded up. Crazy right?

On our shoots, there were always crazy little situations we would be involved in. One time I was in Malibu, in California. I was shooting with the sun behind the model. All of a sudden I noticed what was like a snow flake fall in front of her. Then there was another and another and pretty soon I couldn't shoot because she was covered in what looked like snow. It turned out to be ashes from a fire. There was a huge fire coming over the ridge. We barely got out of there, it all happened so fast.

Just another exciting day in the world of fashion photography.

I'll tell you one more story. One time I was in Utah doing a photographic shoot near Los Alamos. The model was standing on a porch. I told a joke. She started laughing. All of a sudden we heard a bunch of coyotes howling and sounded like laughing coming out of the treeline right behind me. Never a dull moment. I went in the van and checked my shorts.

I'll tell you guys some more stories later. Go to my other blog. The blog about the present. Check it out. This is B. Nice signing off. Love you. Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice