October 20, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I would always think about things when I was lying on my back for so long. Ok, now, check this out:

So I kind of got myself in a little trouble. A friend of mine had a house at the beach and he was going away with his family. He offered the house to me for a weekend. I said, "Yeah, I'd love to stay at the house." I also invited my girlfriend at the time, who I worked a lot with. She was a model. She also invited her friend who was a model. So, of course, the first night, we went out and got absolutely ripped. We came home and we thought it would be funny to do polaroids (does that date me or what?). The two girls, you know, silly pictures, they were photos of like, the girls tying each other up. Wearing sun dresses, force drinking tequila to another girl. You know, silly stuff like that. Well, we decided it would be funny to leave the photos by the stereo for my friend. Well, the plan kind of back fired because my friend's wife found the photos. He got in a lot of trouble. She thought he was doing silly things while she was away. He is still my friend though, even though he yelled at me.

OK, now I'll be more serious. When I was a fashion photographer, I also started up some other businesses. I started up a company that rented out grip equipment, like reflectors, stands. Stuff like that. I would charge the client and make money on the rental. There was an initial outlay to buy the equipment. It was cool though, cause I could keep track of the quality of the equipment. I would charge the client and make a little money on the mark up. I also did this with film and camera equipment. You know, it was a business. I just thought I'd share that with other people cause there might be some photographers out there who think it's a good idea. It was all good for the client too because they were assured of getting quality stuff.

I'm gonna leave it there for this week. I'll have some other stories next week. Talk to you soon. Love, B. Nice

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