August 25, 2015

LTI_300700_6664-1 Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past.

Man, it's hot today in New York. Unreal. The heat reminds me of a time I was shooting with an English client. It was super hot then as well. My English client, she said to me, in a heavy British accent, she said, "We British stay cool by having some hot tea in the afternoon. Brian, why don't you have some tea?" And then my assistant replied, "Oh, I thought you British stayed cool by conquering a country, wiping out half of the indigenous people and then colonizing the rest." They laughed. I laughed nervously.

It was kind of crazy. We always shot, you know, six months in advance of the season. For example, we would be shooting winter stuff in the dead summer. It was tough on the models. I would be wearing my swim suit, flip flops and a T-shirt and they would be wearing heavy merino wool sweaters, makeup dripping down their faces. It wasn't easy on them.

Sometimes we would go to South America where the seasons are in line with the season we were shooting. For example, we'd be shooting winter during their winter, or summer clothes during their summer. But all of that's changed now. It seems everyone shoots in the studio. Not good for storytelling.

Oh, I want to tell you this one story. I think I told it before, but it's pretty good. You see, I used potato flakes to imitate snow. Well, apparently cows and potato flakes don't go together well. After we left our set, you know, everything was set up for the next day, a bunch of cows moved in on our set and started eating all the potato flakes. Well, the potato flakes didn't agree with their digestion. They power farted all over the set. It looked like a big Jackson Pollack painting. There was cow poo everywhere. So, never feed a cow potato flakes, unless you want some interesting backgrounds.

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Have a good week. Brian Nice signing off.